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Golden Health and Wellness serves the entire Sacramento area by providing the highest quality medical marijuana in a safe environment. Our educated staff seek to make sure every patient of our dispensary gets quality advice on their medicine, personalized to fit their medical needs. Our collective strives to have a large selection of medicine. Our menu is extremely broad, from flower, edibles, concentrates, topical ointments and more. Golden Health and Wellness is your one stop shop for all of your medical cannabis needs. Please visit 420101 for our current menu.

Expanding Marijuana Business Expected to Create 1M Jobs in California

CannabisClubEmployee The cannabis industry in California drives plenty of business, which in turn, has helped to create a variety of new job positions.

Today, an estimated 100,000 people in California work in positions related to the marijuana industry. The industry is expecting rapid expansion due to recreational Marijuana being added to the 2016 ballot. Nate Bradley, California Cannabis Industry Association Executive Director said that the market could produce as many as 1 million jobs in the next eight years.

“There’s testing labs, packaging companies, wholesalers, processing companies, extraction companies, edible companies,” Bradley states. “And that’s on top of the cultivators and dispensary workers that most likely come to mind when you hear, pot jobs.” While the innovative cannabis market continues to progress, jobs are being created that would have otherwise been unheard of just a few years ago. One new innovative Los Angeles based startup called Nestdrop, has a smart-phone application where they take medicinal marijuana orders and deliver the medication to the patients’ desired location. The company started in late April of this year, and they already have gained about 30,000 customers in cities such as Seattle, San Francisco, Stockton and Pasadena.

Nestdrop CEO Michael Pycher explains, “A lot of people who are patients are not necessarily part of the cannabis culture. They don’t necessarily want to make a special trip. They want to have it merge in seamlessly with their life, discreetly and privately. That’s what this allows them.”

The more visible storefront type jobs are also seeing growth. Some dispensaries in the Sacramento area have reported that staff has tripled in size in the past 9 months.

Northern Californians that expressed interest in cannabis related jobs had the opportunity to visit the Cannabis Career fair that took place in San Francisco earlier this month. They also have the chance to visit the popular Oaksterdam University in Oakland, California. Oaksterdam offers various courses that have been specialized to cover nearly all angles of the cannabis industry.

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