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Ruth Golden, NBC-HWC, MCHC

After leading a very active life in New York City, I had a freak accident at the age of 60. I fell on the sidewalk, fracturing my left shoulder, and sustaining a brachial plexus nerve injury which left my left arm and hand without any feeling.

After a difficult surgery and a year and a half of hand therapy and physical therapy, all while maintaining a full time work load as a college professor, I went back to the surgeon, as I couldn’t lift my arm above my waist.

He said , “Well that isn’t bad for 62”!!! I was horrified that the health care system was willing to accept such a subpar result.

I found a new team and embarked on a series of appointments including acupuncture, active release therapy, physical therapy, and ultimately a second surgery.

In the rehabilitation period, I worked with my functional medicine physician to eat as clean a diet as possible, learning more about the healing properties of food, along with viewing healing from a systems approach. I learned how our blood work can give us clues to our health, especially by monitoring levels of inflammation. Our modern health care system divides us into bones and organs rather than seeing us as an integrated group of systems. Most importantly, embracing modifications in lifestyle, movement, and nutrition, the human body has tremendous healing powers!

Today I do strength training 3 days a week, cardiovascular exercise 2 days a week, eat a wide variety of organic , nutrient dense foods, and enjoy a level of health and wellness which surpasses how I felt as a younger person.

This journey inspired me to become a Nationally Certified Health and Wellness Coach, drawing on the best of nutrition science and evidence based protocols in functional medicine, so that I could help other active adults achieve a level of wellness.

You don’t have to be overwhelmed by confusing information and advice. Let me pay it forward and help you achieve optimal wellness at any age!

Did you know that 6 out of 10 Americans suffer from chronic diseases that can often be reversed by changes to nutrition, activity, and lifestyle? And not only are many of these conditions reversible, they can be prevented.



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